Wanted: BPP Level 4 Books

Claire1705 Registered Posts: 37 ? ? ?
I am part way through AAT Level 4 and so I don't need a complete set of books. I know its a long shot as lots of students prefer to sell as a complete set - I can understand completely! I am looking to buy BPP Financial Statements (Text and QB), BPP Business Tax FA2012 (Text and QB) and BPP ICAS which I believe is just a workbook on its own. I would prefer the question banks to have no writing in as I am wanting to buy these following recommendations from other students having used osborne books for my first three units on this level which have limited practice questions. Depending on the condition of the books, I would be looking to pay about £25 in total for these five books although I am aware they retail for a lot higher brand new hence why I am looking at other options due to funds!
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