Statement of Achievement - Confusion!

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I am part way through level 4 and completed level 2 when it was assessed using the old paper skills tests and the units were all completely different. I had a year between level 2 and 3 and when I started level 3, all the levels had changed to CBA's etc and QCF rather than the old pathways. I was just looking at my statements of achievement on the AAT website for the other levels and notice that for level two where I had passed the whole level on the old pathway it now shows that I have exemptions for basic accounting one and two which is great... However for 'Work effectively in accounting and finance' and 'Computerised accounting' (both of which I am nearly 100% sure I completed at level two or three) and 'Basic costing' all show as blank :( Does this mean I have gaps that I will need to go back and fill due to the fact I did level two on the old standards before I will be qualified after I finish level 4?


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    I did level 2 on the old standards and finished it3 years ago. I have just checked the statements and the only one shown is level 3 which was completed july last year.

    I think sometimes the units on the old standards werent all the equivilant on the old stndards. As long as you have your certificate it shouldnt be a problem but I would check with AAT directly.

    How you getting on with lev 4?

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