Cash Management

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Hi, I have been looking at the level 4 syllabus and noticed that cash management unit has been moved from level 3 to 4. Does this mean that because I have already passed this unit on level 3 that I can use this as one of the choice units for level 4 and only have to do one extra unit instead of the two? I hope the answer is yes as it hardly seems fair that I have had to work harder and complete more units to gain this level than someone who is starting level 3 now.


  • SandyHood
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    I'm sure that you are not afraid of hardwork.
    Cash management at level 4 is more complex than cash management at level 3
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    I've chosen to start now so I can stick to the current syllabus and so will take this 'extra' module. The new syllabus includes a project type exam for PEAF, which I'm happy to avoid and would likely require a provider so more expensive for self studiers. I should think taking Cash Management at L4 will be easier if you've already done it at L3 as you will have done a fair amount of the learning already. It's tempting to do this last and jump straight into the new L4 module.
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    I've just finished level 3 and like you, did cash management. I'm actually glad they've put it in level 4 as it was one module I really enjoyed and found quite easy so I'm going to take it as an option for level 4.
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