Change of Company Status

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I have taken on a new client who is self employed and has been running her own business for years under this status. She has now been advised by an accountant that she should set up a limited company, which she has.
She has also re-name the company.

Do I do the accounts for the first company (her self employed, sole trader one) up until the incorporation date, and then start a whole new set for the limited company, or can I just carry on the books but change the name?


  • T.C.
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    Sole trader accounts and then limited company accounts - separately.
  • drooble
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    Thank you very much
  • Suejw
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    this may seem a really stupid question and if it I apologise but I have been asked by a potential client to help in setting up a ltd co. All seems to be ok but how do you decide on the share capital? What did your client do?
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