Has anyone ever complained about the AAT? (To the AAT)

redsunflower25 Registered Posts: 38 Epic contributor 🐘
As title... in relation to applying for MAAT and the 'service' received.

Many thanks


  • Jo Clark
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    No, I've never had cause to complain to the AAT.

    Have you spoken to them (membership support) regarding the 'service' received and why you are not satisfied with the service (if that is the case).

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  • redsunflower25
    redsunflower25 Registered Posts: 38 Epic contributor 🐘
    I'm still in the process but wonder if I should wait to get my certificate before moaning. (paranoid ... yes:blushing:) I will speak to them but wondered if anyone had had similar issues with level of service received not being quite what they imagined (or think they deserve)

    Feel really awkward complaining about the AAT when I need the AAT for my career if that makes sense?

    Thanks for replying
  • StuartW
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    Hi redsunflower25,

    Raising concerns about the level of service you've received will not affect your academic record, which is based on your performance in that area.

    I understand your concerns, however. If you like you can email me your experiences and I can forward to the relevant team/staff member at AAT. We're always keen to hear how customer service/processes are having an impact on members, and that means listening to feedback, whether it's good or bad.

    If you'd like to drop me a line you can do so at community.team@aat.org.uk.


  • redsunflower25
    redsunflower25 Registered Posts: 38 Epic contributor 🐘
    Thanks Stuart, will email shortly. I do feel silly being paranoid but at the same time I would like to voice my frustrations, just unsure of how to and how it might affect me.

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