Going Self-Employed after AAT?

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Hi Guys,

So quite a while ago, I was dis-illusioned with Level 4 and had 3 exams to re-sit which I never thought I would do. However after taking some advice off my other thread I have now only got 1 exam left which I am awaiting a result on. If I fail it I know now that it's just 1 left to pass so I KNOW I will achieve my AAT.

There still is a lingering feeling which I spoke about on the last thread about working in practise and the level of salary that you receive. I am still not happy with it, the hard work doesn't seem worth it for the money you get. All my family are self-employed and I think it depends on what you are like as a person. I believe I have the right characteristics for self-employment.

My question is once I've applied to become a full member, I believe I have to apply to be a member in practise. However after this then what do I do, I think I'm struggling with the administration side of it, i.e approaching clients, 64-8, engagement letters, etc etc, are there any templates, accountancy packages or just complete HMRC format for each client, checklists and guidances AAT assist you with when you become a MIP?

Any help/guidelines and advice on here would also be welcome.

Thank you guys and to anyone struggling with level 4, I took the advice to push through and if I can do it, BELIEVE ME you can also do it!

Cheers guys,


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    I am also hoping to go self employed soon, just waiting for my full membership to go through! so any help/advice on this would be much appreciated!
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