Additional Exams?!

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Hi there I was wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to sit an additional exam?

I completed my AAT and became a full member in November 2010 and sat the company tax exam however I would like to complete the personal tax exam for my own benefit - is it possible to do this? I also understand that the set up of the levels and exams has changed since I completed mine.

Any advice would be great thanks!


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    Hello Lisa

    There is nothing to stop you from studying additional optional units and sitting the exam. I loved Personal Tax and also studied Business Tax. You could if you wanted to, just study purely for the knowledge. If you do decide to sit the exam then you would need to find a training provider/college which accepts external students, for example BPP and Kaplan. You can find a list of exam centres on the AAT website.

    Are you looking to take your study of tax further after the personal tax unit with AAT? If you do you may be interested in studying ATT. If so, there is a group which members of this forum can join called AAT to ATT... really useful and lots of helpful people there :o

    If you are about to buy yourself the Personal Tax book, you need to make sure you get a book for AQ2013 as the qualification has just changed.

    Let us know what you decide to do.

    Happy to answer any other questions you have, if I can.

    JC :o
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    I am doing an additional module -through Kaplan
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