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Hi guys

This is my 1st post :-)

Hopefully someone could give me their thoughts/ advice on the following:

I passed AAT 2 years ago but was unsure what to do next, ACCA or ATT.

My passion is Tax, however I am working for a Charity where I have no exposure to Tax. A year after AAT I decided to start ACCA and began with sitting the Tax paper in December 2012. I passed the paper but now think (at 31) I would be better off going for the ATT and starting my own practice as an MAAT MIP.

I have 2 years experience in practice and 2 years in the charity.

Has anyone been in a similar position and if so what did you decide?

Many thanks


  • paulstafford
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    If tax is your passion, why not look for a tax focused job in an accountancy practice and study ATT part time....maybe even CTA after? Once you have the qualifications and more relevant experience you will be in a better position to strike out on your own.
  • villapb
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    ACCA will keeps your options open but the guys I work with are finding the P exams hard going.

    The att tax route which I choose will narrow your options but my goal is flexible mip.....

    Its a hard and depends how much study you want to do acca and then cta would be great but you wont have a life for a long while.

    I find att studying easier because I like tax but I would struggle on say audit because id get bored.
  • villapb
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    ps if you want to be a member of att you need 2 years tax experience...........
  • stiff9
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    Great comments guys, thank you.

    I agree that studying ATT would be much more enjoyable as I have genuine interest in tax, whereas the thought of studying F7 & F8 fills me with dread!

    With regard to less options I'm currently thinking why keep options open for something I don't really want?

    Good point - looking for a tax position would be ideal, however, they are very few and far between around my area (South Wales).

    I'm looking at registering with ATT in the next couple of weeks, applying for tax jobs and re-assess the situation in the coming months.

    Thanks guys
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