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Good morning all

I've just looked on google to see where my practices shows naturally when searching for an accountant in my area. I come in on page 10 :/

My practice is in Liverpool city centre so it is very congested and competitive here.

My website was professionally redesigned back in April but the web address and content is pretty much the same.

Does anyone have any tips on how I can push it up the rankings?

Many thanks



  • mike1983
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    I forgot to mention I do use Google Adwords which gives decent results, but I don't want to be using this forever.
  • StuartW
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    Hi Mike

    I could spend all day going through ways to improve your search engine ranking, but I'm not sure my manager would be too happy with that... Plus, unfortunately, it is a time-consuming lark which ideally has a proper content strategy behind it. I suspect you may not have the time to get involved with that, so I'll offer some quick tips instead.
    • Is your business registered on Google+ Local? While this is most used by restaurants, bars, retailers etc I believe it's open to all businesses. Filling out as much detail as possible on your listing should allow Google to place it on Google Maps and it may lead to a more prominent result for you. Then ask reliable clients to review your business on your listing (reviews need to be reasonably believable - "THE BEST ACCOUNTANT EVER!!!!!!!!" could get you penalised)
    • Do you have connections locally who would be willing to place a link to your website on their own sites? This is a major factor in search engine rankings - links from reliable and trustworthy domains.
    • Are the site's pages optimised to tally with the search term you think people will use to find your services? For example, if you want people to find you by searching for 'accountants in Barnsley', then it's worth having this phrase in your title tag (the text that appears at the top of your browser window when on your website) and dotted around the site (but not to a noticeably unnatural degree). I appreciate this may mean getting access to the site content, which may mean you incur a charge by whoever looks after it...
    Hope that's of some help as a starter.

    Some links that may worth a read:

    Why businesses should be using Google+ Local

    7 Small Business SEO Tips
  • mike1983
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    Hi Stuart

    Thanks for the tips! It's much appreciated.
    I will look into the Google +. It is something I have seen but didn't know what it was :)

    Thanks again

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