How hard is extended writing task in AAT level 4

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Hi folks,

I was just looking at AAT website for new exam syllabus 2013 layout. I looked at Financial Performance and came across writing task in question 1.6 with 22 marks and 1.10 (22 marks) again. Obviously as you never do any writing in levels 2 and 3, I am not familiar with this area. Again, as I am going solo this year just wanted some idea as to how to tackle this issue if I am stuck? Does the text book and question bank help?:ohmy:


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    Hi Zippi,

    You are right the written questions are new when you start level 4 from the previous levels.

    There are some great resources on the AAT site, look for the extended writing tasks file, I found that really helpful. If you cant find them let me know and I can email them to you.

    I have only done one exam at level 4 and I have to say I did find the written questions challenging, but I passed the exam so I couldnt have done too badly.

    Make sure you know what it is they are asking you, and dont waffle just get straight to the point!

    Hope this helps
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    [email protected]
  • amyjayne27
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    Thanks for that Sandy

    I have printed that off myself and will use it for revision.
  • zippi
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    Thanks Amy, Thanks Sandy, that's great still nervous though!. I have saved the link to my favourites. I will also use AAT website for help on extended writing tasks too. I have my ITQ3 mandatory units exam next week and due to complete the course by mid December, after that I will full focus on AAT level 4. Until then I will do whatever I can.

    As I go along I would appreciate more links for other units but will ask nearer the time.

    Much appreciated!

    You guys are :001_smile:GREAT!
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