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Hi forumers!

Firstly I have passed budgeting and financial performance, I took financial statements last night and the exam threw me, id be very surprised if I passed :(.

Secondly im applying for jobs and hearing nothing, in total I have applied for over 100 jobs and heard back from 4, all saying no basically. Is this the same for everyone else? its a cruel accountancy world!! only joking, I just need my foot in the door!! has anyone got any recruitment website of any use for me please?

Many Thanks

p.s feel a lot better now


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    Have you seen my posts about my experiences using the job centre website? You don't need to be unemployed, or even registered with them to use their job search site.

    I was told by the local accountancy recruitment agencies that they only tend to recruit for specific roles where the client is prepared to pay for their services, so they rarely have roles for people without experience. Companies who are prepared to take someone with little or no experience are more likely to search for staff at as little cost to themselves as possible so will look to sites such as the Job Centre. Saying that, you do find that some of the recruitment agencies also advertise their vacancies there too.

    I had great success with the job centre job search site, an interview within days, and started my first role a few days after that.

    I hadn't even considered it before then as I just assumed they would only advertise minimum wage type jobs, and that it was for people who were unemployed. I was very wrong, in my area alone there were 15-20 accounts assistant type roles being advertised.
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    Hi there,

    Join a website called Linkedin and also put your CV on
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