RTI Payroll survey

Has anyone else received an email from HMRC containing a link to a online survey about how you are finding operating payroll under RTI?

Pretty standard 'how are you finding it'? questions.

Most interestingly ,they asked if the workload & costs would increase once the temporary relaxation of the 'on or before' rules ceases next tax year. It would in my case


  • Natsmomma
    Natsmomma Registered Posts: 39 ? ? ?
    I have completed this survey today.

    Like you, I have responded that more work = more cost. Depending on the fees already charged, I may or may not add additional fees to existing clients. However, any new clients will pay extra for this service. However, I encourage quarterly salary payments for sole director Limited Cos to reduce my costs and time.
  • sharoneyre
    sharoneyre Registered Posts: 28 ? ? ?
    I too completed it today -I have found the biggest burden is the weekly payroll which seems to take more time now
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