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Hi, wonder if anyone can help me.

I am about to complete aat level 2 and want to start level 3, I was going to do the same as I did with level 2 and buy the books to study myself, then do exams as external student. Im not sure I can afford to do this now as I am unemployed, so I noticed Kaplan offer government funding, similar to a student loan, so they pay for the course and you pay it back once you are earning over £21,000. Thing is it makes the cost of the course £1600 but does include all exams. The other thing is Kaplan seem to be the only ones to be doing this and after numerous calls to them, they didn't get back to me until the 5th phone call which is a bit worrying. Has anyone else got any experience with Kaplan?




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    Not personally (yet), but my firm uses them for ACCA/ACA with no problems, and they're one of the recommended providers on here. Bearing in mind to do Level 3 with one of the cheaper providers (Eagle, Premier) will come to £1200ish by the time you add on exam costs @ £70 each, that doesn't seem bad if you can qualify for funding. If on the other hand you are just buying the text books and paying for exams only, it is a big difference.
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    Yeah I was just buying books and paying for exams (although I was paying £77 per exam). To do level 3 it would cost me around £750
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    Hi Dan, I am a course advisor at Premier Training . You would expect you to pay approx £1,140.00 (based on the exams being £55- £65 each and no AAT reg fee as you’re already registered with the AAT).

    The course fee is £666.00 (inc p&p) – can be paid in 4 instalments (at not extra charge), AAT annual subscription fee £84, and 6 exam fee’s up to £390. Hope this can be of some help in your decision. Feel free to contact any of our course advisors on 01469 515444 – we’re here until 8pm this evening. :001_smile:
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    24+ loans


    I think the financing you are talking about is the new 24+ loan system introduced by the Government over the Summer. This is a non-means tested loan system - similar to University student loans. It is available for AAT level 3 in my area but not level 4.

    The basic premise is that you can apply for your course and the loan is paid to the college. Repayments come into effect at the end of the course when you hit a miminum earnings limit - again like the university students. Therefore the further north you live, like I do, the chance of repaying becomes a lot smaller :001_smile:

    Further information is on direct.gov.uk.
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