AAT Level 4 Marking scheme confusion!!

Matthew Evans
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Dear all

I have just found out I have failed Financial Statements for the third time. I have been given feedback fr my college tutor from the AAT showing the breakdown of my results and I was wondering how the marking scheme was divided up.

Basically I got 4 mets, 2 borderline and 2 did not meets and I'm confused why I failed the exam as I passed 6 out of the 8 sections (be it not exceeding the questions) meaning I passed 75% of the exam surely?

Also regarding the 'border lines' 'met' etc what does this breakdown into as percentages or can that not be done? Would be nice to know how I did in percentage form if it can be done. I asked my tutor and she said that she couldn't provide me with this.




  • welshwizard
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    Hi Matt

    I am a tutor and I share your frustrations about the marking scheme employed by AAT. This is a common issue and I'm afraid there is no simple answer.

    Tutors are not given marking schemes so your tutor is quite right when she said she couldn't give the breakdown. Each task carries a different amount of marks and each task may have different weighting for different parts so it's really very difficult to say where you went wrong.

    What you need to do is focus on the 'did ntot meet' and borderline' areas and try to brush up/revise these areas. Ask your tutor for guidance - especially if it's the written tasks as technique is as important as content. For example, I tell my students to answer the comparison of ratios using a very simple layour - what the ratio is, how it's calculated, what it means, has it improved/deteriorated (note I don't tell them to say whether it's gone up or down!) and whether this is good or bad for the business, finally they shoudl always state how a ratio could be improved.

    For AQ2013 we have been given an indication of the spread of marks across an assessment but note how they are allocated

    Good luck!
  • RyanKimbo
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    This is because different sections are worth a different amount of marks.

    It may be a case that the areas you acheived met were only worth say 5 marks (E.G multiple choice questions) , whereas the areas you did not meet may have been worth 20 marks.
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