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Hi Guys,

I wondered if someone can help me. I finished Level 4 in March this year. I have just recently applied for full membership. I gave details of my work experience, which has since been verified, I have paid the £45 fee (cant remember what it was for) and filled in the online application form. All i can see is little timers next to everything but the "Pay your application fees" Does anyone know how long it takes to go through and what other costs do I have to pay for? Sure membership was £100+



  • rwb
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    Hi Angie,

    Congrats on making it through, I had my application approved recently and there are no more costs to pay (as far as I'm aware...)

    For me the timers were there until my work experience had been signed off and my professional referee had signed that off - for me it was the same person so I'd check with whoever you nominated for those that they have received and responded to the emails from the AAT.

    The last thing to go green was the first thing on the list funnily enough which I think only happens when everything else is completed and AAT assess your application.

    Hope that helps and best of luck in getting it sorted - probably worth calling up if your referee's haven't had any contact.
  • sharoneyre
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    Where abouts do you check this -I'm also waiting for my full membership -I had an email saying my work experience was logged and application was being processed but can't see where to check ?
  • angie2101
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    It got an email when my manager verified my work experience so still confused! Might give them a call. Sharon when you log in to Your AAT account click on apply for full membership, it shows you there the little egg timers if that's what your looking for?
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