order of the new level 3?

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could anyone recommend which order to do the new level 3?


  • CeeJaySix
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    AP1 before AP2 before CM (if accruals and prepayments are ingrained then CM is a doddle, just work backwards from what you already know).

    Everything else is much of a muchness; if you're in a hurry consider doing SPSW early as it takes a few weeks to be marked and verified.

    VAT is an almost pointless unit (the material is good but the exam is by far the easiest I've sat). Do when you're feeling lazy! PEAF relates to nothing else so most people seem to do it first or last. That just leaves CRS which I did somewhere in the middle.

    Just realised you said the 'new' level 3...don't know the differences in the syllabus so feel free to ignore the above if irrelevant!
  • steve2008
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    The 2 differences are PEAF being a project and no CM module.

    So AP1 then ap2 straight after it is a good idea, the rest in any order, but for PEAF and SPSW it will take some time to get the results so maybe try them first.
  • caroline23
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    Accounts preperation im presuming is the AP1 from old unit and final accounts for sole trader is similar to AP2 from old unit so to do AP and then Sole trader?
  • steve2008
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    Oops sorry, I forgot they had renamed the modules.
    Yes, Account prep, and Sole traders are equivalent to ap1 and ap2.
    Peaf -> PETH, and SPSW is the spreadsheets one
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