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Hi all,

So i've just started doing my apprenticeship about a month ago.. and already completed my level 2&3 within one year. My work are paying for me to do level 4. After being messed about by colleges, i've finally enrolled late onto kaplan.

Here's the problem, as i've only been here a month. My timetable is for me to start the ICAS project straight away! This seems very difficult as I'm still adjusting to the company and I still don't know what's considered right and wrong as everything is still very new to me!

I think the project is going to be difficult but my first problem is actually knowing what to base my project on. I've had one online lesson through Kaplan and they want us to decide within two weeks!

My first option was to do my report on a timeclock system within the company as my manager does an online register. But he becomes very busy and it's pretty easy to lose track of doing. If he's not in then it's passed onto someone else - I don't know if this is eligible to be based upon, as I don't know if this is a direct accounting function if i relate it to payroll. The main problem with this is that we're all on fixed salaries :(.

After a meeting with my manager and mentor at the company, we've came to the conclusion to base it upon the idea of tracking purchase invoices once they've been raised as the whole process is not very organised. Once we've got the purchase invoice from the supplied, it becomes difficult to follow the process of the invoice being paid as we don't have an option on our system to do this. We only know when it's been paid by confirmation from the supplier or our bank statement.

Would someone be able to tell me if I could base a 4,000 word report on a matter like this. If not... it looks like the case study for me :/.



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    You could say that the business needs a module to match invoices to purchase and also maybe see if the business has a supplier approval list - if not then this could allow fake companys to send invoices for payment or maybe a company could do regular price increases and someone in the company could pocket the difference or half of the proceeds.

    I am doing the case study and was doing wbe but had a nightmare so hope you have better luck!

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