Multiple employments

I've got a client who's given me 3 P60s for 2012/13 - All of them are for the same employer, same reference number but different amounts and the works payroll ref is xxxx on one, xxxx-2 on the second and xxxx-3 on the third. Should I fill in one employment supplementary page and add them all together, or fill in 3 pages?


  • LynWest
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    I would ask the client for an explanation, it may be that they have three different positions within the same company. If this is the case I would complete 3 different pages. Is it the case that the client has left the company and come back a couple of times. If this is the case it may well be that the 3rd one encompasses the other 2 and the 3rd one is the only valid one. The client should be able to advise the reason and confirm whether they have received just the amount on the 3rd one or the total of all 3. Hope that helps
  • deanshepherd
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    I would also call up HMRC and get them to fax you the employment details they have at their end.

    If you file anything that is different it will likely lead to an automatic amendment or a letter from them requesting an explanation.

    Seeing what HMRC have may help tie things up at your end too.
  • JodieR
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    Thanks for the replies, I was confident that he had earned all of the monies on the P60s as the client had confirmed this - I just wasn't sure whether to complete one employment page per employMENT or one per employER but when I looked at last year's return he had 2 employments with the same employer there and I had filed 2 pages and that wasn't rejected, so I've done the same this year, and so far so good!
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