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Iv just been revising my indirect notes and going through a CBT test and wanted to know is the exam really that easy when you sit it? Will I have access to the reference material during my exam as this gives you pretty much 90% of the answers?

Thinking of booking my exam for next week after Iv seen that exam but I just dont want to get taken in my false sense of security!!!! HELP


  • Jo Clark
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    Hello lana

    Yes, you have access to the reference material during the exam, or at least you did when I sat it. Are you sitting the exam under AQ2010/or AQ2013?

    Good luck!

    JC :o
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  • Vlee
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    I sat this exam fairly recently. The tax return bit was very similar. The first section (if you are doing old syllabus as new one I think is different) is questions about VAT so registration, HMRC visits, records etc. I found a couple of questions in my paper that were not answerable with the reference material, there may have been more but I learnt everything in the text book anyway. In fact these questions wouldn't have been answerable with my (Kaplan) text book or even google. I still don't know the answers and searched the HMRC website. But there were enough of the usual type of questions and it tended to be similar to the practice assessments in terms of the topics covered or type of questions.

    Good luck
  • CeeJaySix
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    Hi Iana, I also sat this a few weeks ago and yes it was almost identical to the practice papers. In and out in 10 minutes - seems a bit pointless! I was expecting something far harder having learned all the material before looking at the mocks! You should be just fine.
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