Gross payment status

LynWest Registered Posts: 122 ? ? ?
I have a client that we have just got gross payment status foe thankfully as trying to get HMRC to pay him his return has been a nightmare! anyway I digress!

My question is should I be aware of anything with him changing to gross. I take it now the only change will be that he will obviously be paid gross and he will still deduct his subbies at 20% but he will now have to pay this over to HMRC every ,month instead of offsetting it against his own deductions?!:thumbup:


  • Carole
    Carole Registered Posts: 57 ? ? ?
    Yes thats correct.
  • LynWest
    LynWest Registered Posts: 122 ? ? ?
    Thanks Carole
  • peaman
    peaman Registered Posts: 123 ? ? ?
    Don't forget to remind the client that he will need to put aside some money to pay for his tax bill, as he won't be getting refunds any more!
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