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Hello all,

I was given my ICAS project by my tutor 2 weeks ago and have now done my first submission, i have not yet received the feedback but i had a few problems:

My word count was just below 3000 - my tutor said it can be 3000 - 4000 words with 10% either way so is it correct to assume i could put a minimum of 2700 words? i also beleive myself to have met all criteria apart fom the one below

I was unsure if i had met criteria 1.2 for EAS (evaluating accounting systems) but may of though it was already hidden in my report!

If i was to put more in what would you guys reccomend?

This is supposed to be unaided work so i will not say what company my project is based on but i am focused on the Accounts Payable Ledger (purchases)



  • Malcolm Green
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    If you are on the old AQ2010 ICAS project syllabus the word count for this should be 4,000 words +/- 10%.

    The idea being this is a business report to management.

    A word count of 2,700 would be good going if you can cover all the mapping requirements.

    For the new AQ2013 ISYS syllabus the word count is not critical more the quality of the writing but again is expected to be between 4,000 to 5,000 words, considering the new topic areas to be covered dealing with professional ethics and sustainability.

    At this stage I would just wait for your feedback and if it comes back as competent well done!

    If not you will then know what you will need to change/add to complete the project.


  • swiftragecage
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    I got my report back yesterday and it cam back as not competent but my tutor said i only had to do 3 small adjustments and then it was competent, it met all the criteria in the mapping document but she said that if i depersonalise two sections, as i said that certain staff were conducting fraudulent activities, and then just add in a sentence about changing passwords on a regular basis then she can pass me off as competent. I did my second submission today so should be marked by next week :001_smile:
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