AAT level 4 - Finding a college which does AAT level 4 per modules not as a whole

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Hello everyone!:001_smile:
It’s long time since I haven’t written anything on this forum. In fact,in 2009 I thought I would find a different career path .Unfortunately , I was wrong so now I am back to AAT level 4.
I would really appreciate if you could share with me – some advice because I am stuck, really stuck .Many , many thanks in advance :001_smile: x

My situation:

2005 – Graduated from an overseas business studies university. However, I applied for CIMA exemptions –I got two exemptions – this happened in 2008.

2007 – I went to a college here in the UK and the teachers said that they couldn’t take my business studies diploma into account (which was wrong).In 2007 my country became EU member so that they had to recognize my studies. So,I waisted my time – doing OCR Bookkeeping, then AAT – foundation, AAT intermediate. I passed the exams without any probs, working full time in the same time …

However, I had to be enrolled in a college for my immigration status until 2009 .I took as well one module – the project unit 10 but I dropped it soon as my immigration status was finalized and got a decent job – in the airport –management.
From 2010 until 2012 I did a master hoping to work with the refugees .It was in Migration .However, my dissertation gave me a bit of headache as it required time to be prepared well and the work promotion came on top of this. I left the job in 2012 (with very good reference) to finish my school. However, once I finished my master I could not find a job…not even as a cashier !!!
It looks like you need to have serious connections if you want a job in London , a decent one – not in the restaurant or doing cleaning or low skill jobs…

In August this year, I went to a CIMA event .I spoke with some people from there and they advised me to do the last level of AAT instead of taking the last three exams from CIMA which led to the right to have the next CIMA exams …(as I had two exemptions already).In other words, to have a qualification as well.

So, I went to different colleges to find one which does AAT per modules without running all course – paying more than £1400!It’s too much for me …I can’t afford …and I am not that type of person who stays on benefits – Never !
From my previous experience with AAT I can say that I learnt more on my own than from my teachers..It was waste of time for me going to college every week during a whole year. All I need is one module – in order to be registered with a college so that I can go to do the online exams to SAM London for example…

So far , I haven’t found any college like this…In the past Kingston was doing this...I tried Richmond, West Thames College…It is not profitable for them to do it per module….

My questions are :

Do you know a college in London which does AAT Level 4 diploma pathway per module ?I am very interested in doing Unit 10 the project ….or any other module related to this level.

Is it better to do AAT level 4 instead of setting 3 CIMA exams?

I still have all my AAT level 4 books from 2009.Can I use them to study instead of buying new ones? I really want to finish AAT level 4 by the end of this year , passing the exams online but being registered with a college...as this is a require for them…seems to be a big issue for me.

Thank you so much for your help.



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    Hi Andreea12345,

    I live in the north east of england so can only comment on the colleges up here. They seem to charge around £600-£700 per level (changes depending on level but all 3 seem to be in this range). As I understand when it comes to studying a unit at a time it seems to be kaplan and bbp that do this. I think you would struggle to find a college that does the units seperately.

    Would you situation with immigration be a problem if you did distance learnign with a provider like kaplan? I purchase one unit from them last year for DL and itwas around £135 or £141 including p&p.

    This might be better suited to your circumstance, especiallu as you mention that you needed little help doing the study.

    Hope this helps.

  • Andreea12345
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    Thank you Martin .
    I really liked BPP. I am going to see if they have this option here .Unfortunately, I heard that Kaplan is the winner now...(in terms of books).
    However, I can't believe that AAT course in London is twice the price compared to other location...
    It's too much ...and it is not justified...

    Many thanks for your help.
  • MWAUGH1983
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    No bother andrea,

    I personally like osborne books as I find kaplan rather useless but I use them as they are given, sometimes for some units I get osborne as a secondary text.

    Down london you would get them prices quoted due to the location, I would say that kaplan and bbp arent justified with prices but they are aimed at students who are fudned by employers I would say.

    Whoever you go with out of kaplan or bpp they arent much different, I have never used bpp but they seem the same.

  • Andreea12345
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    Any other ideas?

    I checked today BPP .It's 300£. I will go tomorrow to find out more about this.
    Meantime if you know any other options please feel free to to share them with us.
    Many thanks,
  • Jo Clark
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    Hello Andreea

    You can buy the books and self study, just pay to sit the exams... about £40 approx at BPP. You will need to pay for a few units as these are assessed by a tutor and not an exam, for example spreadsheets and the new ethics module (I think).

    JC :o
    ~ An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest ~
    Benjamin Franklin
  • Andreea12345
    Andreea12345 Registered Posts: 5 Regular contributor ⭐ 😼 ⭐
    Thank you Jo Clark:)
    I passed Ethics for the Diploma level .Do I need to re-sit it?
    I want to do AAt 2010 version not 2013.Would it be possible?( I have the books)
    I am thinking to pay for unit 10 - distance learning...Would it be a good idea?What about the spreadsheets?It this a different/additional module ( a new one compulsory for 2010?)?
    Have a nice day!:)
    &Many, many thanks for your answers :)
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