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I've recently started level 4 and although we're only in the 2nd week, i'm trying to make a head start on the ICAS project.

A couple of colleagues at work have done this previously and advised me not to leave it until the last minute, so at the moment i'm just brainstorming and still trying to decide whether to base it on where I work, or just to use the case study.

I spoke to our tutor last week as our timetable shows that the only class we will have on this subject isn't until May! I asked if we would have anything sooner as that seems pretty late in the year (especially if people don't even realise there is a project and don't start it until then - there hasn't been any mention of it in class so far).
My tutor worried me slightly as said that he wasn't teaching this unit, but I said his name was down on the timetable against it and after checking, he said that he guessed he was then, but had never taught this subject before.

So, just a few questions seen as I don't think we're likely to get much support on it!

When we have completed the project, is it marked by our tutor, or by AAT?

I understand from reading other posts that we have a few 'chances' to make changes and re-submit it, but how quickly is the project likely to be marked and returned in order for us to make changes?
Also, is there a time limit between it being returned to us and us correcting/amending bits and re-submitting?

I'm just trying to get a general timescale of how long the whole unit may take and obviously fit it in around the other units.

Many thanks for any help :)
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