Level 3 Osbourne books for sale, very good condition and bargin price

Yao Yu
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I have all the Level 3 Osborne books, in great condition , only got a little pencil marks.
Cost and revs tutorial
Cost and revs workbook
Prof Ethics tutorial
Prof Ethics workbook
Sole Trade tutorial which is ap1 and ap2
Sole Trade workbook which is ap1 and ap2
Spreadsheets tutorial
VAT tutorial
VAT workbook
Cash management tutorial
Cash management workbook

Please let me know if interested best to email me on [email protected]
I can deliver in Reading area or London area, or I can mail to you. Price is £60.00 for all, basically each subject £10.00 cash in hand please.

I personally think Osbourne books are very good, easy to understand and cover all the study area. I pass each subject in one go just by reading the books and doing the workbook, also some practice papers of course. :001_smile:


  • SammiJMH
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    Hi, Are these books sold?
  • SammiJMH
    SammiJMH Registered Posts: 7 Regular contributor ⭐ ? ⭐
    Hi Amanda,

    Can not get hold of you on your email address as it keeps coming back as Mailer Daemon. Are your books still for sale and are they 2013?


  • KMakenji
    KMakenji Registered Posts: 2
    Have you sold them yet? If not can you let me know.
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