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I am just in the process of completing the Financial Statements for the previous financial year. I have just a few alterations and then they will be 100% complete.

As far as I am aware this will be the first time that the organisation will have actually produced an accurate set of Financial Statements for the auditors. In previous years the auditors will have worked from partially completed records.

I am just interested to know, in financial terms, what is the actual value of these documents? That is how much would you expect to earn from producing a company's final set of Financial Statements.

I'd like to find out what sort of salary this type of work equates to.


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    It depends on your role, size of the company, what records you're working from, etc etc. Too many variables to put a number on. For in-house production, it's likely to be only a small part of your job. Working as an external accountant to just produce the financial statements, anywhere from £500 to £10,000 is common to charge for a set of small or medium company accounts depending on how much work's involved!
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