Anyone feel as though they are quite slow to picking things up?

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I seem to take 5 times longer than anyone else to understand most things accountancy related so frustrating! Seem to be spending 6 hours at college a week plus 14 at home just to keep up

Am I on my own with this or does this stuff take a lot oof understanding and learning?
I usually get there in the end just 10 years later

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  • Jo Clark
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    Hello topcat

    When I studied AAT, one of my tutors said that they expected us to put in 2/3 hours for every hour spent in class. This was day release so 6 hours approx multiply that by 2/3 you are looking at 12/18 hours extra so I think you are doing ok. Some students will have a natural flair to retain what they learn others, like me have to work a little harder but get there in the end.

    Keep up the hard work!

    JC :o
    ~ An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest ~
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  • Clarekaye
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    Topcat, I home study and some I can do quite quickly although I send stuff off for marking and that takes extra time but for example I have taken 3 months to study for FNPF! I do try not to let people saying 'i do an exam a month' get to me cos I know I try my best and my job and home life obviously affect it alot!
    If you happy and feel more confident taking longer then thats the main thing :thumbup1:
  • topcat
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    Hi Both,

    thank you for your replies

    Feel a lot better now that i am not on my own spending all these hours trying to understand the material

    Some people don't seem to spend any time at all doing it outside of college (well thats what they say :glare:) and seem to be wizz kids
  • freakyogre
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    Yes, i'm the same, although sometimes I surprise myself and understand something straight away.

    I don't like moving on to the next part of something until I understand what we've already done, which isn't always practical in a class room!

    I have to just keep reminding myself that I will 'get it' eventually and not to give up as I get really frustrated with myself when I don't understand something.
  • Kelly7
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    Me! I do find sometimes though that when I'm still at college and its 8 o clock I don't learn quite as much as I would maybe do at home as after being at work all day my brain probably isn't in first gear.

    You've probably seen on here though I find things tough but Im the kind of person that has to understand everything, I can't just think 'oh well, I can't do that' which seems to be the attitude of some in my class.

    We'll get there, just have to put the hours in. Hopefully we'll retain it a bit longer then x
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