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I'm self-studying L3 and hoping to site my spreadsheet exam fairly soon. I was under the impression that I had to pay for a single module from a learning provider in order to have it marked (cost: £130 minimum + exam fee), but it now looks like I can sit the exam and just pay a provider to mark it without signing up for the module (cost: about £50 + exam fee).

Could anyone confirm this please?



  • Marky
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    As stated in their exam booking form Kaplan charge a £50 marking fee + exam fee.

  • wabisabi
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    Hi Mark

    the problem is that they say something different on their publishing site:

    **Please Note: You will need to be registered on a course for this paper with a training provider before you can attempt the project.**

    However, having contacted my local exam centre it seems, as you said, that I can just pay for them to mark it rather than pay for the tuition etc.


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