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Hi all

I spent about 4 hours on one question on Friday which was a tb with adjustments and asked to do a soci, sfp & the equity table. I have only had 3 lessons but I feel were meant to know it. I have found no help in book,got it all wrong & all I can do atm is just sit here getting worked up as I can't find any help anywhere & don't like to keep asking on here but I don't know where to turn to & I have a test on Thursday.

I was just wondering if anyone knew if there was somewhere online which said everything that would go in each section of the soci & sfp. There's things like debenture interest, credit sales to be added & distribution costs which I can only think of one entry so I need to find everything.

Considering giving it up as I don't think I'm bright enough to take this on but I know I won't progress anywhere without it.


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    I'm afraid I don't know specifically of anywhere online to direct you to, apart from the usual Google searches.

    Why don't you want to keep asking questions here? As far as I can see, that's the whole point of this forum, for people to ask questions and for people to answer them. People aren't compelled to answer so if you get answers, it's because people are happy to help, so please take advantage of that.

    Post your questions and see if we can help you to make sense of it all, before you start considering quitting.
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    ask on here i am forever asking questions on things i have looked at for hours and got no where.

    Someone normally kindly explains it a little different and it clicks :thumbup1:

    i have also been looking at soci, sfp recently but didnt understand it after all Sunday locked in a room. I purchased the Osbourne books as was using Kaplan and picked it up within a few hours.

    I know i have plugged Osbourne in a few places but maybe a different or secondary text book to the one you are using in college could help to the one you are currently using ? some people seem to be able to understand different texts and not others
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    Have your classmates had the same problem?
    I often see a group of students (e.g. on a Saturday) and we just work through a biggish question with plenty of workings but ultimately leading to a set of final accounts including the SoCI, SoCiE and SoFP.
    There is a lot to be said for just going through one question after another after another with other people.
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    Thanks guys.

    Nps, I don't want to be the person that asks too many questions.

    Topcat, I do have the Osborne book but I tried one of the questions in there & still couldn't get it.

    Sandy, the people I've spoken to in my class do seem to be having the sane problems but people in the other class seen to be finding it ok, I wish my teacher would go through it slower and more detailed but I'm guessing there's not the time when we have 9 months to do it in.

    I'll keep looking, find it strange the book doesn't do this actually.

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    Don't worry about asking too many questions. I for one, welcome the questions as I use them to keep my own knowledge up to date. Honestly, the answers to any questions you ask will no doubt be of use to others who ask the same things later.

    Go on, post away....
  • Kelly7
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    Aww, thanks NPS, least I can feel that you welcome them to go over things you have learnt.

    I am feeling a bit better tonight as I had a good budgeting lesson lol, not so sure I'll feel the same after my test on Thu lol.

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