Level 4. Choosing the right 2 optinals

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I have just finished Level 3 and now I'm applying for Level 4, but the problem is that they are making me choose only two of the following: Cash Management, Credit Control, Personal Tax, Business Tax or External Auditing.

Does it affect my future career if I choose whether one or another? Please I need your help, I appreciate your advices .


  • CeeJaySix
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    It really does depend on what you want to go on to do - what are your plans for the future?

    Ultimately, I wouldn't expect it to make a great deal of difference as assuming you would be going into entry-level positions, you will get training on all you need to know. If you have a specific role in mind then it is a good idea to choose related modules, but if not, I wouldn't worry too much about it and pick what interests you. Common consensus seems to be stay away from audit unless you work in it (making it much easier) or are looking at available exemptions from professional quals (eg. it exempts you from ACA Assurance module at the Knowledge level) - it's meant to be quite dry.
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