Accounts Experience: Where and How?

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Hello Everyone!:001_smile:

I am hoping to finish my Level 2 Certificate by the end of this year (fingers crossed). I was wondering how members here got the right experience in working in an accounting related environment. I have been looking a job specs and most of them usually need al least a year's experience. Is it usually done through volunteering? Which websites are most reliable? Are there other alternatives? I would be glad if you could help me. There might already be a thread about this somewhere in this forum but please bear with me coz I can't find it:huh: I would be very thankful for any suggestions.

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    I got my first volunteering role through I've written about my experiences about the site before, but in a nut shell, I applied for a lot of treasurer roles which didn't actually exist (they just used the advert to try to recruit general fund raisers) or who wanted someone with 20 odd years experience to basically run the whole charity. I did eventually find a really good role with a national well known charity though so you just have to keep at it. I've since taken over the treasurer role for a friends charity and also the treasurer role at the local pre-school (both of which came from just asking around). I then got my first job in accounting but will carry on with the volunteer work too as I do genuinely enjoy it.
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    My first finance related role was in the accounts department of a large hotel chain and I had no previous accounting experience (I hadn't started AAT yet either). The only previous jobs I had were in pensions administration and as a sales assistant in the retail sector. Having worked in a hotel accounts department for nearly 2 years, I know that seeing 'studying AAT' on an applicants CV has got them an interview straight away.I took this job as it was a foot in the accounting the door and has given me the experience to successfully apply elsewhere. It took me a while, and many random job applications, but I have just bagged a job as a Finance Assistant at a fast growing company in the Financial services industry. The possibilities with this job are endless.

    My advice is to keep persisting and apply for job after job because eventually somebody is going to take a chance on you and give you an interview and that's all you need. Once you get that interview it is all up to you to tell yourself to them and if you want it that much, it should be easy for you to do so. As mentioned above, accounts roles in the hospitality industry are much easier to obtain and provide you with the experience you need to get that dream job elsewhere.

    Kind regards,
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    I was in exactly the same situation last year, I had just left school and was half way through my level 2 and was finding it difficult to get any kind of work experience let alone a job. If you keep trying and be persistent then you will most likely find somewhere eventually, go on the job sites and your local paper and keep applying.

    Good luck :)
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    Thank you very much everyone for your replies. I have started looking for accountancy related jobs and have kept a job hunt spread sheet to remind me how many jobs I have applied for. :huh: i agree with you all. Persistence is the name of the game although sometimes I find it frustrating tailoring my CV for each job and get no response at all. Thanks again. x
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