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new ethics exam

millsmummillsmum Just JoinedRegistered Posts: 5
Just doing the practice paper on the website.
rattled through the old cba types but this is a whole new bunch of worms!!

has anyone done the exam yet?


  • rachy86rachy86 Just Joined Registered Posts: 2
    No I haven't done it yet, I have it in a week! I'm dreading it, I've done loads of reading and studying but Im finding it really hard with having to write full answers. It doesn't help that there is only one sample assessment available from AAT. My tutor is also quite worried and feels that it is a lot harder than the AQ2010 PEAF exam. I've done green light tests and had 80/90% in every one but those are multiple choice questions so I don't feel they are a true reflection. Stressing quite a lot!!!!
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