AAT level 2 Osbourne books

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I have a set of AAT level 2, second edition osbourne books.

£55 posted to anywhere in England.

The set includes the following:

Basic Accounting 1 Tutorial

Basic Accounting 1 Workbook

Basic Accounting 1 Wiseguide

Basic Accounting 2 Tutorial

Basic Accounting 2 Workbook

Basic Accounting 2 Wiseguide

Basic Costing Tutorial

Basic Costing Workbook

Basic Costing Wiseguide

Work effectively in accounting Tutorial

Work effectively in accounting Workbook

Work effectively in accounting Wiseguide

I have written in pencil in the workbooks and some activities in the tutorial

I don't have computerised accounting as I used sage which comes with its own books.

Grab yourself a bargain as I only bought these books a few months ago at a cost of over £120.00.


  • NJSims
    NJSims Registered Posts: 6 Regular contributor ⭐ ? ⭐
    Very interested in these.
    Are they 2013 edition? Are they still for sale?
  • dan1983
    dan1983 Registered Posts: 33 ? ? ?
    Sorry already sold
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