Credit Management

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Hey people, just starting my credit management and was just wondering how other students found this topic, and how you guys found the exam.

All feedback appreciated

Many thanks


  • SamiH
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    I found this to be a nice little topic. We covered it in 5 evening lessons at College and then went straight into revision.

    The exam was ok, I wasn't keen on an entire section of multiple choice questions, but they were pretty straight forward. The written elements I had in section 2 weren't too bad either. The format is the same as the practice (if you are on AQ2010)

    Just make sure you learn your liquidity, profitability, cash and debt ratios - you will be asked to calculate these on more than 1 question, and definitely understand the contract law elements.

    My results are due in about 5 weeks time.

    Good luck :)
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