Career Change Advice please..

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I'm thinking of changing career by studying AAT starting at level 2, as i'm being made redundant soon. The problem I have is I earn in excess of 25K now and wouldn't want to drop salary significantly. Would it not be worth doing?


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    Hi Safc1979,

    Sorry to hear your being made redundant.

    I'd defiantly recommend studying AAT, it's a fantastic qualification and can open many doors, also its Internationally recognised

    What kind of work are you looking to move into? - Unfortunately if you were looking for a job within accounts and just starting with no prior experience/qualification in Accounting, depending on your area you'd probably be on 20K or less. Although this is a rough guess I am in no means a recruitment professional. I am just going on when I started and the jobs I saw advertised at the time.

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    From experience, it is just about possible to get a job offer at £20k with level 2 (although you won't see many adverts at that level - I had more luck with speculative applications). Whilst I was job hunting £15-£20k seemed to be the range of offers I had with level 2 and some transferable skills, but pay does seem to rise reasonably fast if you're going through exams quickly if most other firms follow the same pattern as ours. Like you I had to take a big pay cut to start out, but when you consider there are college-leavers who are as qualified professionally as you who will work for £10-£12k, a £5k premium for the life experience and transferable skills seems reasonable enough. Sadly that's the price to pay to start at the bottom again!
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    Thanks you two..appreciate it.. In answer to you amurray..i'm pretty open at the moment into what field to go into.. just enjoy financials and figures etc. I do have a lot of transferrable skills from my current role. Supervisory, organisational etc... I would maybe be able to get through levels 2 and 3 before i leave and we have some money to spend on training. Just the worry is it would be a worry to have to drop significantly in salary when i have a young family to support, big mortgage to pay etc..
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    If they were to take into consideration your transferable skills and also supervisory roles, this may be an aid. However normally with first jobs within accounts its 'work your way up!' :(, and after qualifications, experience the money comes.

    Good luck anyway and I do hope it works out for you :)

    Just completed Level 2 and now on Level 3 so any questions feel free to ask, will try and assist.
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