Financial performance exam and RATIOS...HELP :glare:

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People, plz help me...I got my exam in 2 weeks and there are so many ratios and formulas to remember regarding performance indicators that my head is close to explode and none of them sinks in..... Plz someone help there any tips how to remember them all easier? I am hoping there is.. :001_smile:


  • anniebabe
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    Hello - so, this is how i learned all my ratios for FNFP and FNST
    I photocopied a list of all the names of the examinable ratios lots and lots of times and then at least 3 times a day wrote at the side the formula - and then checked it to a master list.
    Its worth a try. other than that you could have separate cards with the ratio name on one side and then the meaning on the other.
    When you are doing this - dont forget to make sure you learn what they mean.
    Good Luck!
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    Try to contextualize each ratio. It's important to know why anybody would need the ratio and what it tells you. The majority of the ratios simply compare 2 figures and provide a metric for them.
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    See if this chapter helps. It was written specifically for this exam
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