Professional Ethics BPP book question

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Hi all,

I have almost finished my whole course but have got one exam left.

I do have one question though, not sure if someone might be able to help, but I have the Professional Ethics Bpp book which is 'For Assessments from 1 September 2011'. Now I know that there is a more up to date book however I personally don't see any reason for me to purchase that book. I had to purchase the new 'Business Tax' book understandably as different rates are used year on year however I don't see anything major changing within this book.
Is anyone able to shed some light on whether there are major differences in these books?

Thanks in advance


  • Jo Clark
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    Hello Tristan I would check the new AQ2013 standards against the AQ2010 standards to ensure that all areas are covered. Would it be possible for you to borrow a copy of the book to see if there have been many changes/updates? I don't know your personal circumstances, however for the cost of a new book, I would rather pay that than have to pay for an exam resit. If you attend BPP for classes or a college, perhaps a quick chat with them may clear up any uncertainties regarding the content of your current book. good luck with your exam. JC :o p.s. apologies for layout etc. however this new forum keeps crashing on me, restoring tabs, and reformatting (extra line spaces etc.) and it is very frustrating... I can't keep using it like this... :(
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  • Tjcgti
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    Hi Jo,
    I thought that only new and existing students, that are starting a new level, of the AAT qualification from 1st September will be required to register for the AQ2013 standards. I have 16 months to complete the level based on AQ2010 standards.
    Think might be a good idea to give BPP a call like you say (home learning). However they might for profit purposes encourage you to buy the new book....
    I haven't logged on for a while and don't really like this layout. Took about 20 minutes to post my original question to....
    Thanks for your advice Jo!
  • sdv
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    Hi Tristan

    If this is your last unit to complete you are on AQ2010 standards. If that's the case you have a right book and there are no changes in PEAF standards.

    you will be taking a computer based test instead of doing a project under AQ2013 standards.

    Make sure that you have entered for the correct exam- PEAF!
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