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Blonde Accountant
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Could anybody recommend a good cloud based software that offers both sales & purchase order processing. My client currently uses sage, but is looking to go online, but the sage cloud software isn't anywhere nearly as good.

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  • topcat
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    Any particular reason your hours in client is looking at the cloud? If the interent goes down hours can be lost unless they have a isp with 99.9 percent uptime In all honesty for security and the above they would be better with a sage locally and a solid backup system which is daily and have offsite backups If they want to access it remotely they can use windows remote desktop to their pc at the office..
  • Blonde Accountant
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    Mainly that their server is old and likely to give up the ghost at any time. I agree that the internet going down could lose time and I did think that security could be an issue, but when I pointed this out, she thought that the chances of the company server being hacked where just as likely.
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    I'm a big fan of cloud software, and not just for accounting/bookkeeping,for the reasons you give (Blonde Accountant), ie you can use a very basic machine and you can access the software any time any place, for these reasons we are seeing a big shift to this type of setup. Another good reason is that the software is always the latest version, unlike Sage etc., where you have to pay for support/upgrades etc. And of course you can depend on the software always being backed up - if your machine goes belly-up, you just log in from somewhere else.

    The 2 packages I have used are:

    Kashflow - very similar to Sage in look/feel, with the option to import sage data if required

    Xero, looks a bit different, but quite intuitive, very good support, especially for accredited accountants, which is FREE with FREE training (no I'm not on a commission!)

    I hope this helps - good luck abd let us know how you get on.
  • Blonde Accountant
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    Thank you BCASL and WHA, I have used Kashflow and it is quite good and user friendly, however my client needs purchase order processing and they use the stock function in sage, so I wondered if there is anything cloud based that is as good.
  • Antoinnette
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    Quick books online does stock well if you get the most advanced version. I use this for my clients in retail and manufacturing. It will set them back about 35 pounds a month though. There are deals for accountants to buy it at 5.99 a month for twelve months. But then it goes up afterwards. I am all for cloud software because of problems with losing data when backups change hands and some one enters data in the meantime or the wrong backup is restored etc etc
  • amurray
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    Hi BlondeAccountant,

    Netsuite is worth looking at, its a real friendly cloud system to use, has a create support helpdesk that answers any problems promptly. It's an accounting/inventory system and also sales order processing/purchase order processing system. Netsuite is a Canadian based company. You can also do a Free product tour via the website before you purchase.

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  • Blonde Accountant
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    Hi thank-you Antoinnette and Amurray, I had thought about QuickBooks as have used the desktop version, but I wasn't sure if it had purchase order processing. I shall also look into NetSuite, thank-you.
  • Grover64
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    I have a solution for you. You can check Ahsay Software. Ahsay Backup Software is an advanced disk-to-disk-to-disk (D2D2D) backup solution for Businesses and MSPs / VARs. It comes with the most comprehensive features that can fulfill all the on-premises backup, online backup, offsite backup, and cloud backup. Once you try this software. Thanks
  • burg
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    Clearbooks may be one option. I use it regularly and recommend it as our software of choice to client. However we have no requirements from clients for the features you mention. As far as I can tell it has purchase order processing and has stock. It does not appear to have sales order processing. If you join Clearbooks and then speak with them they are really good at adding new features that are sensible and will be used.

    I have used all of the following; Accounts Portal, Netsuite, Kashflow, Arithmo, Xero, Freeagent + Sage One. All of these in my opinion cannot compete with clearbooks. With the discount you get from them (50%) over the prices to the public and the features you get it really is great value for money.

  • Jawz
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    QuickBooks online(QBO) at £4.99 per month per client is great value for money. We have recently done a lot of research on different online software but decided to go with QBO. I have been to a full day training in Birmingham yesterday for free of charge! (breakfast and lunch provided too) I am now a QBO pro Advisor! ;-) and no, I am not on commission either! Give them a call and find out about their next training in your area and give it a try. Good luck!

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