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Hi, I have all level 4 books for sale except for the ICAS unit. Some are for 2012/13 and some are for 2011/12.

I took all my level 4 exams over July/August this year using these older books because the material does not significantly change. The revision kits I bought just to make sure I hadn't missed anything out by buying textbooks aimed at exams set for 2012.

I am offering this on an individual book basis, part lot, or the whole lot - it's up to you! I am not setting a price, I would prefer for you to make me an offer. My email address is [email protected] and my phone number is 07508403431.

Financial Performance (Kaplan text & workbook - 2011-12)

Budgeting (Kaplan text & workbook- 2011-12)

Credit Management & Control (Kaplan text & workbook 2011-12)

Credit Management & Control (BPP question bank 2012-13)

Financial Statements (Kaplan text & workbook 2011-12)

Financial Statements (Kaplan revision kit 2012-13)

Financial Statements (BPP question bank 2012-13)

Personal Tax (Kaplan text & workbook 2011-12)

Personal Tax (Kaplan revision kit & pocket notes 2012-13)


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    Email sent
  • dancingprole
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    Still have all the above available except for the financial statement revision books
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