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Hannah Clarke
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Hi All!

Well, i am sitting Professional Ethics for the third time. All other exams i pass straight away but i cant seem to get this one completed! I've heard people talking about taking a dictionary into the exam with them.

I just wondered if anyone else has done this and if it is allowed?

Thanks for your help everyone!


  • Vlee
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    Hello I sat this exam a few months back and passed but a few questions I couldn't answer after the exam, even with google searches and rereading the text book and code. It is tricky but most was stuff covered in the text book, well enough to pass (I presume this is the older syllabus and not the new project). What a few people recommended was getting hold of another text book which explains things in a different way so you can better understand the definitions. Kaplan seems to be quite long winded while Osborne used easier language - I used both these books. Make sure you also read the actual code and really understand it, get someone to help work through it who may be more used to reading guidance. Highlight all the relavent bits and make flash card notes on each topic, you can use a technique to remember the different principles and objectives by creating words using the initials of each. So for the Nolan principles I used AISHOOL (accountability, integrity, selflessness, honesty, openness, objectivity and leadership - is that right? Off the top of my head and if so it works!). Keep practicing with the online tests and used the e learning slide packs too. Talking through your learning will also help and getting someone to test your learning - I'll post a link to a resource I found which someone could use to test your knowledge, although it's not perfect it will help. Good lunch!
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