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Relocating back to England :)

taskeytaskey Font Of All KnowledgeRegistered Posts: 1,800

Well we have made the decision to move back to England from our long stint out in Germany.

I am looking for jobs in a certain area, but when you put it into google, it comes back with agency work. is there any other way of find out what jobs are in the local area other than agencies?

thanks all



  • *Jo*Jo Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 509
    Hi Tracy, Direct Gov is the old job centre website now. Also there is the local paper in the midlands the express and stars job pages or fish4jobs. I must admit I havent looked in a while but thats where my husband searches when hes looking. Which part of the country are you looking at moving back to?

  • taskeytaskey Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 1,800
    hiya Jo, sorry about the long delay in response. We are looking at the north yorkshire area, more than likely hubby will be relocated to York, so anywhere in that catchment area.
  • *Jo*Jo Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 509
    Hi Tracy, Im not on here much myself these days so don't worry about lengthy replies. I would see if you can google a local newspaper for Yorkshire or try the direct gov or fish4jobs. Wish I could be of more help. Jo
  • SamiHSamiH Well-Known Registered Posts: 179
    You could try look at Reed and see if there is anything is the area
  • taskeytaskey Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 1,800
    So it's moving quite quickly now. We are over next week looking at rentals, I have an interview doing my job but with another military contractor. So fingers crossed. Seven weeks and we will be there, hopefully unpacking boxes :)
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