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What is the difference between ACCA and ACA? Which of them is higher than the other? :huh: I only know that both of them will make you a Chatered Accountant. Is CIMA a higher qualification than ACCA and ACA? Replies please!! :ohmy: Thanks Guys


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    They are all the same level but differ in some ways. So ACA can only be done if you are employed and is generally a practice qualification and especially good for auditing, it seems to be the more prestigious. ACCA is also a practice based accountancy qualification but can be done without an employer. CIMA is best if you want to go into industry to be a management accountant and can be done without an employer. I'm sure someone else will have a more detailed response, I'm not yet sure what I want to do but have plenty of time, I also hope to be sponsored by that point. There is also the public sector equivalent CFPA? - you probably need an employer for this. And the tax qualifications ATT and maybe others.
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    Just to point out that ACCA is not necessarily a practise based qualification. Roughly about half of its members work in practice, the rest work in the public sector, Industry/commerce or financial services. CIPFA is a very specialised and you would need to be sponsored by a public sector body, because of the difficulty in finding CIPFA courses and training costs some public sector bodies now support ACCA
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