How do you guys cope? Feeling very bad after exam.

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Hi guys,

I sat my first level 4 exam today which was Budgeting. I had one of those days where as soon as you walk into the room your head is empty, and everything challenges you. I felt okay after walking out of the exam, but after recapping at home i've found out i've made quite a few stupid errors, and will have to rely on getting a lot of marks on the written section to pass (which I won't as I messed up the total variance cost question)

So my question is how do you guys cope with the wait? I'll have this hanging over my head for 6 weeks and i'm sure it'll keep me awake a lot. If you asked me straight after the exam how to do the questions I could tell you. I just really bottled it today. It wouldn't bother me if I was paying for my course, but i'm sponsored by my company and i'm terrified to go in there and tell them I failed. :crying:

Can anyone relate to this? Any tips? I know I've dropped about 15 marks without the writing section - and i'll be lucky to score much at all on the writing section as I really struggle with it.

For anyone taking the exam - it really isn't that bad, and it was very similar to the mock. I've just been ill for the past few weeks with Glandular Fever and had a very bad day.


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    Hi, I haven't taken a level 4 exam yet but I am also being sponsored by my employer and can relate to the pressure. So far I haven't failed an exam as I have been lucky. But I think my employer would support me through to keep going at it. If you have a good employer they will understand and help you what ever the result As for the 6 weeks just best to focus on your next challenge.. Nothing you can do now so don't worry, not worth losing sleep over I am sure you will have done fine though, if not you can always retake not life or death :-) I can remember a few exams I thought I had done really bad in for some reason it was then complete opposite As long as you have tried your best you carnt do no more :-)
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    If it's any consolation I had every range of emotions after my AAT exams from elation, to apathy, to depression and beyond yet I still passed every exam first time. Even a few I was sure I had failed.
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    I havent sat any level 4 exams yet but am working towards my Budgeting exam for Nov. I have thought about this and it worries me a bit as you dont know if you have passed so cant completly move on to another unit incase you fail and have to revisit it. Also finding the writing tasks difficult as not sure what i should be looking for or saying! Going to spend the next few weeks concentrating on this. Good luck - hope you pass
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    Thanks for the response guys.

    Topcat - I think mine would be supportive to, but I know they'll be disappointed in me - which just sucks thinking about it. I know I can't do anything now, but it's a lot easier said than done. I wish I couldn't remember the questions as I wouldn't know I made silly mistakes - I also feel I haven't tried my best as I knew the method, and didn't pick up my error in checking. I think i'd feel a lot better if I walked away from the exam thinking "I really have no idea what that question was about" - but the true is I do - I just miscalculated.

    Clint - I had the same in the space of 5 minutes in level 3 while waiting for the results. It was even worse when a very serious guy handed me the sheet and just said "Here you go" in a very flat voice. Usually I get "Congratulations...." I was sure I failed, but turned out it was just the guys voice and I had passed.

    Cazalino - It always worried me to, and well, here I am. I've marked out 42 days on the calendar and will be ticking them off each day. It can't come soon enough! I'm planning to do Financial Performance next as it apparently flows on from budgeting quite nicely - so I should be fresh if I do need a retake. I guess you dwell on it for a few days, analyze the what ifs, and what you could have said and done - until you eventually get up, brush yourself down and take on the next one.
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    Awww, I'm sorry to hear it didn't go well. I did think of you the other day when you said you had the exam the next day when replying to my budgeting question. I've just re-visited your reply and can't get my head around it again.

    I also haven't taken any lever 4 exams yet and I do think the 6 week wait will be a struggle, it's tough but like others have said, maybe for now just try and concentrate on the next exam. You may have done better than you think and at least now it is 70% over the whole paper as there are no separate sections 1 and 2 now. I am struggling this year, finding it tough and only been back since September but I know that by June I finish my course and even if I have to take re-takes, I'll just have to try and remember where I went wrong, learn from it. I know it's easy to say and I probably wont look at it like this when I fail one (I know I wont pass all first time this year) but at least you can re-take and once you get to the end of this learning year you're fully qualified.

    So, after me giving advice I'm off to stress myself lol, can't help it.

    Can I ask actually, was the exam anything like the practise exams?

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    Another suggestion, have a couple of vodkas lol, that will always make you feel a bit better. x
  • Cudey
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    Hi Kelly, thanks for the suggestions. I've dwelled on it for the past few days, and it's starting to sink in that I can't do anything now. Though it has struck me that my 1.5 answer may have actually been stronger than i'm giving myself credit for which could help me. If I can can get a high number of marks on 1.5 and pick up a few more on 1.8 i may crawl across the 70% line - I can cling on to some form of hope surely!

    The exam was very similar to the mocks. Understand the mocks and I reckon you'll be fine. I had one question which didn't appear on any mock and totally threw me at first as I didn't think I had enough information to solve it, but after taking a breather I figured it out.
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