Sage 50 for voluntary work

Hi, I have taken on the treasurers post for a voluntary group comprising of several committees. I have set up details for the general account and pretty cash ok, however the group has several sub committees, each with their own bank accounts. I need to set these up separately, so that I can report, and show their balances additionally to the general account. I am new to Sage, and would appreciate any advice. Many thanks, Gp


  • ExcelAnt
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    withing the bank tab you can setup additional bank accounts and this is where you enter the bank postings and reconcile. However if subcommittees need reporting seperately for donations and costs then this would be done one of two ways either with seperate company setup in sage (a faff) or through use of department codes. You can then run nominal activity reports that filter out certain departments

    If you wish I can assist further but hope this helps.
  • guinea pig
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    Many thanks, I will have a go in the training module first!
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