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Hi All

I am having a stressful time setting up a website for my business.

I used free website builder to create a website, finally got it to a point where I am happy with the content/layout/design etc. Only to realise if I continue using the free option that the website address is ridiculously long, contains and despite many hours trying to find I can't locate using a google search (and yes, I have spent a bit of time tweaking the SEO search settings!)

I have now concluded that I need/want my website to have its own domain name, eg: www."businessname" As far as I am aware I need to purchase the domain name and then I need to pay somebody to host it?

If I was to do this with wix they want me to pay about £60 upfront for a year, which I think is quite expensive (if it was £5 per month I would consider!)

Does anybody have any recommendations on a cheaper host or general advice/tips regarding setting up a website?

Also, I would imagine that I won't be able to take my current design with me?
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