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Had a meeting with a prospective first client, a chartered accountants, last week who wanted me to do some bookkeeping for one of his clients.

Which software package I would use (his client didn't have one) was discussed and I have and suggested VT Transaction +. He was thinking of Quickbooks or Sage. He had never heard of VT and could see that it was spreadsheet based, an add-in macro and had doubts about whether it provided the reports he would require (just the standard stuff - aged debtors etc IIRC).

Put me on the spot actually...I was pretty sure that it would provide what he wanted, but wasn't 100%, knowing that there was VT Final Accounts also available and not sure of the difference.

Can anybody confirm that VT Transaction + is perfectly adequate? I've used Sage in at least 2 jobs as well as attending a course, Quickbooks (once!) but cannot afford another package at the moment. I'm aware that sometimes it's good to have the same software as your client and might be a deciding factor in whether they engage my services.

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  • mac1
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    Thank you. Ironically, today I had another prospective client meeting and took my laptop to demonstrate VT in case they too were sceptical...they used VT!
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    VT T+ is bloomin' amazing.

    T+ is the bookkeeping software and is not an excel add-in.

    VT Accounts is an excel addin, and is an excellent accounts production software.
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