Exam room distractions?!

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I sat my API exam on Friday and all was going well until I finished Q1.1 and noticed that the invigilator (who was right in front of me) was spraying something onto a surface and appeared to be polishing something! Every couple of minutes there was a "skshh skshh" noise. Of course once I'd noticed it, it was fatal! I was really distracted during the next question and eventually (25 mins or so into the exam) put my hand up and said the noise was distracting. He stopped and apologised, but I then went over this in my mind for the duration of the next question and didn't get back into my stride for a good 10 or 15 mins.

I am quite easily distracted but I don't think he should have been making an unusual noise during an important exam. I wondered what other people think and whether anyone has had similar experiences? How do you cope with distractions in exams?


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    Hi, yes been there and bought the t-shirt, not sure there is much you can do about it.
    In one of my level 3 exams college moved my exam room 3 times :( and then recently in my FNST exam the invigilator decided to start playing with the air con and ask me if I wanted a glass of water ! :( very off putting to say the least. I find it very hard to get back on track once I have been distracted too.
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    I've had this before too... once it got nearer the end of the exam, the invigilator must have been itching to get out as he kept tapping his fingers off the desk and clock watching. Luckily I was just re-reading my answers so it wasn't too bad.

    I've also once had my training providers Admin Manager ask for her grandson to come and sit in the same room so he could use the computer opposite - which was fine with me until he started watching music videos on YouTube and slurping at a can of coke really loudly. Then, he even burped in my face. This I had to complain about!!

    Not had any interruptions in my last few exams and long may it continue.
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