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I'm going to be sitting the spreadsheets exam in a few weeks and have some questions that I hope someone will be kind enough to answer :)

1. In the Muddlestone sample assessment, you are instructed to print the EBID worksheet ensuring it will print onto A4 paper (Part 1 task 2.6). Presumably they mean onto one side of A4 paper. I don't know how this can be done as there are 17 columns, even with landscape orientation. I suppose you could reduce the font size but it would difficult to read. In fact the sample answer doesn't fit onto a single page, so I'm confused about what they want and what might be expected in the exam.

2. Some of the wording in the sample exam is very unclear e.g. Part 2 task 1.1 "insert formulae to calculate the total value of sales revenue for each make of car for each sales person". What is it like in the exam? Did anyone have similarly ambiguous instructions?

3. How clear are the instructions about saving workbooks? Should you download the data files then rename them or take copies of them or simply edit the files you download? Did you save the files with different names throughout the exam so you could go back to a restore point if you messed up on a question?



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    1. Go to page set up and click fit to one page and it sorts it all out for you. It will be tiny but you've followed the instructions so will get the mark
    2. There will be instructions like this where you have to read it very carefully to find out what they're asking for. Your comprehension is also being tested here indirectly. In this instance they want to know the value of (for example) Audi's sold, the value of VW's sold, the value of Ford's sold and so on and then the total revenue for each sales person. I haven't got the paper in front of me so I'm not using actual data here.
    3. Not really clear as far as I can make out but in reality as long as you save and upload everything it shouldn't matter whether you set up new spreadsheets or add new sheets to the existing spreadsheet. The one thing I wouldn't do is alter the sheet with the data on it, leave that well alone.
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    I took this exam earlier today and Coojee and covered pretty much all of it.
    For your third point, my assessment asked me to copy the data into my own workbook in a new sheet. So although I downloaded the dataset at the beginning of the exam, the only files I had left to upload were my answer booklet (which includes your details and your answers to the Part B questions) and one file which contained all my work in different sheets.
    Hope this helps.
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    Coojee and liam89, thank you both for your replies - very helpful! I hope you passed, liam89!
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    There were 5 I think. It should be the same amount as the Muddlestone sample assessment?
    Make sure you're aware of all the error messages. They might not all be covered in the book you're learning from. They can be found by doing a simple Help search in excel (F1)
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    help me here,um in my study group and we are doing this muddlestone assessment and we are stuck,we dont know what is meant by EBid and where to get the task 3 data from,help us please we are doing the spreadsheet practice assessment
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    EBITD is earnings before interest, tax and depreciation.

    If you post the question you may get more answers as most of us don't have access to practice assessments etc.
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    I am trying to find out how to do the IF function for

    Average of total sales is -£165,758.67
    Basically if 130,005.00 is greater than the average 165,785.67 by 4% then 130,005.00 will get 1% of the average-165,758.67...How do I work this out.
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    make sure you know the difference in wording, insert formula or function.
    Donna Curling - AAT Tutor
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    How do i do the sales revenue for parkins motor?and conditional formating if someone can go ever this id b greatful
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