Will there be a great impact in terms of Cash Management being moved to Level 4

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I have been away from my studies due to some personal issues, which I left at level 3. However, since returning to my studies I been told there is no-more Cash Management in Level 3 and it will be optional in Level 4 (... and harder too!). So i'm just curious, just what impact will this cause me in terms of my Qualifications (when I complete my AAT). Will it place me in disadvantage - As opposed to someone that completed Leve 3 (with cash management). If anyone can give me any good feedback, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advanced :)


  • dreamchaser88dreamchaser88 Just Joined Registered Posts: 4
    24 views and nobody bothered to reply. Smh.
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    Are you starting Level 3 from scratch on the new standard? If so I wouldn't have thought it would have any disadvantage, you'd still have Level 3 (once completed) and I can't imagine any employer enquiring whether your Level 3 included Cash Management or not. If you think it's going to be an issue or Cash Management would be an advantage in your employment you could just choose to do it on Level 4.
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