Big Fancy Multinational Systems...

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As in SAP, Oracle, Sun & Microsoft Dynamics. Think they're called ERPs - enterprise resource planners.

Occasionally, I see an attractive job advertised that I would otherwise be suitable for, but for the fact that they insist on the successful applicant being proficient in one of the above.

And I'm not...well, I do have a bit of SAP, though not that much.

How difficult are they to learn - anything in the way of training courses I've seen are aimed at the corporate level, and, at £300/day, well out of my reach, right now. I know there's stuff on Youtube etc. I'm AAT qualified and PQ ACCA if that's any indication of whether I could pick them up quickly. I've used many systems which are mainly in-house that nobody's heard of, otherwise, Excel to mid/advanced/VBA and Sage.



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    Hi, I strongly encourage you to leave this site. People here aren't really helpful - judging from experience. They only here to view your post and not bothered to share their knowledge and what not. I, myself had this problem with not getting a reply. I'm sorry I don't have the answer to your question, but beats viewing and flipping *sighs*.
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    Perhaps the people who have viewed the thread don't know the answer??? So instead of leaving pointless posts, they chose to leave the responses to somebody who might actually have something helpful to say.........
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    Hi there,

    do you need to know how to configure these systems from scratch and the IT setup of it all? or from the point as a end user?
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    topcat wrote: »
    Hi there,

    do you need to know how to configure these systems from scratch and the IT setup of it all? or from the point as a end user?

    Hi Topcat - sorry - just saw this...I would be an end user.
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    I don't check in here much, I am on a project implementing Sun Systems with various ERP modules. What ERP effectively is a suite of integrated applications, so in our case you have a standard accounting system i.e. Sun6 which anyone could use and a load of other parts such as a Reporting Package, a purchase to pay system, integrated stock system, perhaps a payroll/manpower module etc.

    The modules should seamlessly intergrate so as a user you are viewing one system.

    I think you would be absolutley fine using the accounting system element (it's the same as any other: a debit/credit recording engine) and I'm sure you have seen elements of a Reporting package, PO system etc that perhaps were not all fully integrated but the "accounting" behind either integrated ERP or standalone systems is the same. In fact if you have used stand alone accoutning and finance systems and understand how the finance fucntion bolds together you probably know more than an average user of an ERP system does. Remember members of AP, Payroll etc will only have access to their "screens" in an ERP if the security has been set up correctly.
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    Thanks MattW - just come across this - really out to check in more often!

    I started a job 4 weeks ago and we use Sun - seems to be quite straightforward.
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