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I've got my first level 4 exam coming up in a few weeks for Budgeting, which will be at the new AQ2013 syllabus. Having looked through the AAT website study support section, there's a lot less resources available for AQ2013 than there is for AQ2010. Has the course changed that much between the two?

I'm wondering if it makes sense to go through the 4 AQ2010 practice assessments and other materials available before heading over to the AQ2013 assessments?

Also for the extended writing tasks, does anyone know how significant an amount of the total % score is taken from these 2 tasks. I'm pretty confident on numerical data questions but it's been many years since I've been tested on a written task.


  • topcat
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    Was also wondering about using the 2010 material first and then going onto 2013 stuff for financial performance, statements and budgeting also
  • Devlin
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    Yeah Topcat I'm also interested whether or not I should be practicing the 2010 material first before moving onto the 2013 material for all the level 4 subjects.

    It would be interesting to hear what others have been recommended by their training providers regarding if the AQ2010 assessments should be used for practice or not for AQ2013. I'm doing it self study and have just finished reading the Osborne book for Preparing and using Budgets, so am going to spend some time this afternoon tackling a couple of the 2010 mocks. Although I'm unsure if the course material for both is identical so will just have to wait and see how I get on.
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    Hi both

    I have my budgeting exam on Tuesday and I have done all of the 2010 practise assessments and both of the 2013 and they're all fairly similar. I would definitely use the 2010 practises too, gives you more revision and I don't think the syllabus has changed that much.

    I must say, I am worried about the written part, hoping I put enough in and know what they're asking for. We haven't had much guidance on this so just hoping that my knowledge will push me through to get some marks and I pass pretty much all of the calculation questions.

  • topcat
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    Hi Kelly,

    Thank you for the advice extra practice is the way forward on these so glad to hear they are similar .

    Best of luck for Tuesday!!!!! :thumbup1::thumbup1:

    let us know how it goes
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